TRAIND - Website & Mobile App

Promoting financial independence for fitness & wellness instructors by connecting them with fitness enthusiasts


Apr '21 - Jul '22~ 1 yr 3 months


Sole designer
Usability testingHifi prototyping
UI engineering


Project manager


Adobe XD

Current Status

The TRAIND website and app are currently in development. The beta launch will take place soon! 

Live Product

As the main product is not live, yet, please updates and current progress at TRAIND's linkedin page or TRAIND's site (⚠️ currently in development)

NDA Please note that the project is under NDA. I cannot share many details but I have been permitted to share about my experience and limited samples of my work.

My Experience

Collaborating on a cross-functional team

I had the chance work with closely with the project manager, investors & engineers. I gained different perspectives and juggled various inputs. My progress was heavily based on communication with team members.

Building a Design system

As this product was built from the ground up, I quickly recognized the need of well defined, reusable components. I created 130+ reusable components in total.  Below are samples!

Working with a grid system

I had no prior experience working with grid systems but I quickly realized the value of this. It helped create consistency and streamlined the design process! 

I approached the design process in a new way

In my studies, I was introduced to UX Design process as a linear model (expectation image below).  In the fast-paced startup environment that I was working in, the design process ended up more like a ball of tangled up yarn (reality figure below).

Overcoming Development Challenges

Our team experienced several development challenges. Within a short period of time, there was a lot of restructuring in with the development team and tech stack. Naturally, this led to delays in product development. However this unique experience , enabled me to learn a lot about how keep prioritizing the product despite organizational shifts. I also learned a lot about how to communicate developers with a range of new colleagues who joined the Goodself team. 

Browse Sessions Sample

Browsing sessions is probably one of the most important aspects of the TRAIND experience. It is the first point of information where users learn decide to learn more about a session. Upon searching, users receive session cards in line with their search terms. They can view information such as the workout type, instructors star rating and a  short description of the session!

Main Takeaways

I didn't know what I didn't know

I could not have anticipated the new concepts I learned (e.g. design systems, grid systems). This makes me all the more curious to undertake new experiences and explore the unknown!


I am grateful to have been trusted with this opportunity at this stage in my career. I have learned more than I could've imagined and I am excited to apply these skills to new contexts!

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